What is  botulinum neurotoxin ?

Botulinum neurotoxin is a muscle-paralyzing protein produced by the organsism Clostridium botulinum.

How does  botulinum neurotoxin act ?

Botulinum neurotoxin is a very specific inhibitor of signal transduction between nerve and muscle.

What inications are there for the use of botulinum neurotoxin ?

In medical practise the toxin is very effective in the treatment of numerous neurological conditions. It is also a cosmetic used to smooth (remove) facial wrinkles.

How is  botulinum neurotoxin applied ?

The doctor injects the drug directly into  the targeted muscle.

Is botulinum neurotoxins a safe medication ?

The treatment with botulinum neurotoxin is very safe, if the preparations are applied an experienced doctor, in accordance with the producers' instructions.
The quantities used are minute. The paralysis caused is only temporary and the effect wears off after three months. The cessation of the paralysis is an additional safeguard , should the toxin have been accidentally  injected into the wrong muscle.

Do treatment failures occur with botulinum  neurotoxin ?

Apart from the physiological loss of action mentioned above (approximately 3 months after an injection), resistance to the effect of the drug may develop in a small minority of patients
(1 to 5 %), due to an immunological reaction (antibody formation).

What is to be done if antibody formation is suspected ?

To avoid a futile continuation of treatment due to the formation of antibodies, the patient's blood or serum samples should be measured for antibodies.

Where can antibodies be measured ?

Antibodies can be measured by toxogen GmbH where a reliable, strictly supervised testing procedure has been in place for years. Often, testing is paid for by the health insurance companies.

Meeting the cost of antibody testing

Before you request an antibody test, make sure your health company will meet cost
Regarding this we have prepared a form to be filled in to assist you in taking the necessary steps.