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toxogen GmbH is an enterprise founded in 1997 on the basis of neurotoxin research done by its founders at the Institute of Toxicology of Hannover Medical School.

 The field of research comprises the development of  novel pharmacologically active proteins derived from clostrial neurotoxins. These are bacterial pathogenicity factors which act by a very specific modification of signal transduction between peripheral nerves and their target organs. 

Analytical methods were developed which make possible the measurement of the activity of clostridial neurotoxins at pg concentrations.

Furthermore, a reliable test system was established for measuring neutralizing antibodies directed against botulinum toxin types A and B. These may form in patients treated with the respective neurotoxin over an extended period of time.

Until June 2008 toxogen was based at the town of Langenhagen located near Hannover. Laboratory activities proceeded in rented facilities at Hannover Medical School. The activities widened to laboratories in Hannover Medical Park in July 2008. At the same time the company office was transferred to Hannover.  

The business management passed to Prof. Dr. Hans Bigalke on 1 July 2008.